Authorized Distributor of MAFORD USA Carbide Burr in Dubai


Since 1919 M.A. Ford® has grown from a small mid-west maker of rotary files to a leading manufacturer of Standard, High Performance and Custom Cutting tools with manufacturing and distribution facilities all over the world. ALKUFAH HARDWARE is a authorized distributor of M.A.Ford products in the UAE.
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SERIES-AL2-2 (1)

Company Profile of MAFORD USA Tungsten Carbide Burr in Dubai


MAFORD USA Firearms Manufacturing uses many different materials, such as steel, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. M.A. Ford® has the ability to manufacture custom cutting tool solutions to the exacting tolerances required to meet the needs of the gun industry. M.A. Ford’s Custom Tool Division currently manufactures a variety of custom firearm Tungsten Carbide Burr. These tools range from chamber reamers (for rifle, revolver, automatic centerfire pistols, etc.), muzzle reamers, throat reamers, barrel reamers, roughing tools for pre-reaming operations, special milling cutters, profile tools, step drills, end mills, dovetail cutters, and numerous gunsmith tools and Tungsten Carbide Burr. All of our firearms tools are custom made for the manufacturer’s application. Once a tool is quoted and an order placed, we provide an approval print for the customer to sign off on the geometry. No customer information is shared from account to account, and tools are designed from customer prints or basic concepts are provided from SAAMI specifications.