ALKUFAH HARDWARE TRD LLC is the Authorized & Certified dealers & distributors of Carborundum Electrite in UAE & Middle East, we handle the shipments for the distribution of the product. We have a warehouse, distribution centers through which we directly supply to our Customers. Carborundum Electrite majorily provides the End users with Mounting stones , Grinding Wheels , Flap wheels and etc., items can be both collected or Delivered to our Customers according to their Ease.

Our Expertise in providing the best Solutions to our Customers, make us feel Proud and Honoured.


Carborundum Electrite is Europe’s oldest manufacturer of high-quality grinding tools made from silicon carbide and synthetic corundum in numerous versions, qualities and shapes. The internationally renowned traditional company was founded at the end of the 19th century in Benátky, Czech Republic. For over 120 years, Carborundum has produced a wide range of grinding tools for the grinding of uneven surfaces.