ALKUFAH HARDWARE TRD LLC is the Authorized & Certified dealers & distributors of Mitutoyo Measuring tools in UAE & Middle East, we handle the shipments for the distribution of our product. We have a warehouse, distribution centers through which we directly supply to our Customers. Mitutoyo majorily provides the End users with Measuring Instruments such as Vernier Calipers , Dial Gauges , Micrometers and etc. , items can be both collected or Delivered to our Customers according to their Ease.

Our Expertise in providing the best Solutions to our Customers, make us feel Proud and Honoured.


Mitutoyo was founded by Japanese entrepreneur Yehan Numata in 1934. Numata had spent the decade of the 1920s in the United States, where he studied at the University of California, Berkeley. While studying, he left a profound impression on those at Berkeley, which led him to be recognized many years later. He first entered the United States to study in 1921 and spent the next few years studying mathematics and statistics as an undergraduate. He remained at UC Berkeley until 1928, when he received his master’s degree. Numata returned to his native Japan where he launched the Mitutoyo Corporation.[4] It is believed that growing up in the Meiji period in Japan and also witnessing the United States’ industrial markets prior to The Great Depression, gave Numata inspiration to form his own corporation.